Flensted Mobiles & balance of mind


All the while the world is rapidly moving around us, a handmade mobile from FLENSTED mobiles can create the necessary balance of mind in everyday life. Unique but at the same time classic, Danish design and graceful movements is what you bring to your and your family's home with a FLENSTED mobile.




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For start, what is a mobile?


“A mobile: a decorative, often humorous design of artistic imagination. Hanging from a single point, suspended by wire and thread, it is made up of several shapes in different materials, all of which revolve independently under the influence of even the faintest currents of air in a domestic interior.

Balance is the crucial factor both for movement and visual impact, allowing the individual shapes to become a three-dimensional unity of infinite variations moving through light and space.”


The fairy tale about the beautiful and not least coveted Flensted mobiles starts with an incredibly fine story about Christian Flensted, who in 1953 at his daughter Mette's christening cut and mounted a riot of two straws and 3 small storks in paper.


The fun idea and not least personal gift was the prelude to Flensted Mobiles, which was founded only a year after the daughter's christening.


In 1982, Christian and his wife Grethe decided to pass on the baton to their son Ole, who has since taken over the running of the company with his wife Aase and who to this day shows great respect for the company's core values ​​and creative worldview.


The Flensted initial mobile (LINK) is still in production today and can also be ordered at Pixojet.eu.


A mobile that evokes a feeling of relaxation

Ordinary mobiles are usually known to make noise as the wind creates movement in them which then creates disturbance - this also indicates that ordinary mobiles are most often found outside the home, and both of these things are in contrast to a mobile from Flensted mobiles.


A Flensted mobile, regardless of design choice, is characterized by its harmonious and graceful movements, which rather create peace and balance of mind and soul than noise.


Flensted mobiles are also, for the same reason, incredibly popular indoors, especially among families with children, who, among other things, make use of the mobiles over the changing table, so that the little newborn can already in his early stage of development be fascinated by the calm movements and fine designs of the mobiles.


However, Flensted Mobiles have also gained popularity in various 'adult' living spaces by decorating both living rooms and corridors, where they remind one to live in the present, and create a very special kind of tranquility in an otherwise busy everyday life.


In addition to creating the most beautiful balance and calm in a room, several of the mobiles are also a bit of a classic and timeless piece of art in themselves, and which is guaranteed to captivate all visitors who may enjoy watching a mobile's graceful and feathery dance.


Handmade designs

All mobiles from Flensted mobiles are assembled by hand by Flensted mobiles' skilled workers. Making a mobile requires time, patience and not least dedication, and each product is carefully assembled and balanced by knowledgeable and experienced hands.


The mobiles are all packed, so they are easy to hang up without you having to assemble all parts of a mobile by yourself.


Popular Flensted mobiles at Pixojet.eu

At Pixojet, our customers love Flensted mobiles - and with good reason, if you ask us!


Below you will find direct links to our top 5 best-selling Flensted mobiles:


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Below you can also see a few videos of selected Flensted mobiles.