mierEdu is a well-known Australian brand whose mission is to create educational toys with a focus on children's development, as well as sustainability.

The toys stimulate the child's mind and creativity and encourage active learning through play. Children absorb easier knowledge through their play and the type of toys provided to the child can play an important role in cultivating the child's learning potential. The toys focus on providing early learning experiences with proven value for early childhood development and supporting the child in the first five formative years.

The design is created to open up the imagination with vibrant colors and an aesthetic design loved by children - in addition, the products are designed with sustainability in mind. The goal is to give our child the best possible future, and that includes being good towards the environment. The products are i.a. made from soy-based inks and recycled materials. Packaging is minimized or recyclable, and whenever possible, integrated into the toy as a functional component.

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Popular water coloring book

Do you have a child, children or grandchildren who love to paint? So just try this coloring book which just need water. Fill the pen with water and the child is ready to explore the magical water colors. mierEdu water coloring book helps to teach children about words and numbers.

The child will love it, and will probably look forward to being able to take the water coloring book with them when you go on the trip, whether you are going on holiday, taking care of the grandparents, or the trip takes you to a place where there is no Wi-Fi - and one has to think creatively to activate the children. No stress or worries, the entertainment is in house if you buy mierEdu water coloring book. It is available in several variants that the child can enjoy.


Magnetic play set - My body

Do you have a child who is very curious? Where does my food go after I have eaten it? How can I hear and why do I have a brain? Sometimes it can be difficult for you to explain it in words. It will now be easier for you and more fun for the children to understand.

You can now help your child get answers to all the questions he/she might have. With mierEdu magnetic play set, the child can learn about the human body, in the form of the detailed magnets, and the child gets an understanding of how ‘their’ body works when they play with the magnetic play set.

The play set contains cards and magnets that can show different emotional facial expressions when the game is in progress.


Creative magnetic puzzle - ABC town

Looking for a different puzzle to entertain the kids with? Collect the motif-rich ABC town puzzle and let the child follow the maze with his/her finger. Through the labyrinth, the child will be able to experience that there are 20 things that are hidden in the puzzle.

Isn’t it a fun and different way to both do puzzles and find things at the same time? There is plenty of opportunity for many hours of entertainment and play with this puzzle from mierEdu.

Find and learn, and let the child develop his/her motor skills with this puzzle.

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