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Buy original quality, super low cost ink cartridges at Pixojet. Best prices in Europe!

Choose compatible printer ink and reduce the costs by up to 90% compared to the original ink. We carry a wide selection of very affordable ink cartridges for printer models for Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark and other popular printers. In our webshop, you will find the cheapest priced premium quality ink cartridges in the Europe. Our prices on ink cartridges are on average 10% lower than those of our competitors. 

Three easy clicks will take you to our list of ink and colour cartridges compatible with your printer.
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If you have challenges finding the right ink cartridges for your inkjet printer, or if you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact our customer service at or write to us via our live chat function, and we will help you quickly.

If you have a laserjet printer, you will find our selection of affordable laser toners here.


Choose original or compatible ink cartridges

At we offer you original ink cartridges produced by the printer manufacturers themselves, as well as compatible ink cartridges produced by a third-party manufacturer independent of the original manufacturers.

The reason why we at Pixojet sell both original and compatible printer ink is that we want to offer you, and our many other customers, a more affordable alternative to the original, expensive printer cartridges, so we can keep the unnecessary operating costs as low as possible.

One thing we can assure you - whether you choose to use original or compatible ink cartridges for your inkjet printer, you will experience that your prints are of the same high-quality and precision.


Ink and colour cartridges for all types of inkjet printers

We offer affordable ink for the following printer types :

  • Ink cartridges for home printers
  • Ink cartridges for office printers
  • Fax machines
  • Photo printers
  • All-in-one printers

Our affordable ink cartridges are available in the following colours :

  • Black
  • Cyan / Blue
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
  • Grey
  • Multicolour

You can choose the desired type of ink cartridges for the following brands :


To make sure you order the correct ink cartridges for your exact printer model, we recommend that you do the following :

1. Select your printer brand in the green menu at the top of this page

2. Then select your printer series (eg HP Envy or HP Deskjet)

3. Finally, select your printer model (eg HP Envy 5540)


That is why our ink cartridges are the Europe's cheapest

Compatible print cartridges are significantly cheaper (despite having a higher ink content) than original cartridges because they are purchased directly from the manufacturers.

In this way, we avoid costly intermediaries in the supply chain, and we can therefore minimize the retail prices of the compatible printer cartridges.

In addition, the reason why the original ink cartridges are significantly more expensive than the compatible cartridges is that the printer cartridges are the printer manufacturers' way of earning the lack of profit caused by selling the printers at low prices.

The original cartridges also contain significantly less ink than the compatible ink cartridges, which means that you will need to replace the ink cartridges periodically. The reduced ink content makes it fast and easy for printer manufacturers to earn the aforementioned lack of profit.

At Pixojet, we buy compatible ink cartridges from a third-party manufacturer. As a retailer of the cartridges to you as an end user, we do not have this lack of profit to take into account, and therefore you get the most out of the content of the individual cartridges, and you get the most quantity of ink at the lowest possible price.


The only difference between original and compatible ink cartridges is the price

The ink in our compatible, affordable ink cartridges is of exactly the same high-quality and durability as in original ink cartridges; sometimes you will even find that our compatible ink cartridges last longer than the original ink cartridges.

There was a big difference in the quality between "non-original" and "original" ink cartridges many years ago. This difference is now non-existent.

So the only difference between original and compatible ink cartridges is the price, and that you will not find the big manufacturer names on our printer cartridge’ boxes. On the other hand, the actual printer ink in our compatible ink cartridges is exactly the same as the ink you find in the much more expensive original cartridges.

An affordable compatible ink cartridge is thus not a discount product - on the contrary. We guarantee that the durability and quality of our ink and color cartridges ensure a high-quality print, equal to the print cartridges you pay a high price for.


Who can use our affordable ink cartridges?

All our compatible, inexpensive ink cartridges can be used with all the printer models you will find here on the website. This means that everyone can benefit from our affordable prices and high-quality print.

Our ink cartridges can be used in private households with small printing needs as well as in large offices that need to print many documents daily.

If you can not find your printer here on the website, or if you are in doubt about whether you can use our ink cartridges, you are always welcome to send us an email at and we will get back to you quickly.


Refill Ink Cartridges - How to Save Even More Money!

Do you print often? Then you can save lots of money by switching to the refill ink cartridges.

A refill ink cartridge is long lasting as it is refillable. Therefore you can use a refill ink cartridge again and again. When the ink cartridge runs out of ink, simply refill it with our affordable refill inks.

A bottle of refill ink contains the same amount of ink as 2-3 ink cartridges. You can read more about the benefits of refill cartridges here.


Buy cheap ink cartridges online at Pixojet

All stock items are shipped as fast as possible from our warehouse. 

If you have questions, you are welcome to use our live chat Monday - Thursday between 08:00 - 16:00 and Friday between 08:00 - 14:30. Otherwise write an email to us at

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