Greylime specializes in powerbanks, and since its establishment in 2015, the brand has been able to delight thousands of customers across the country with high-quality powerbanks for both large and small charging needs. 

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Greylime, which is headquartered in Denmark, was established in 2015 and specializes exclusively in powerbanks, which could also be the reason why Greylime is the preferred choice of thousands of customers when it comes to powerbanks.

Over the years, the Greylime series has grown into a large range of powerbanks for both large and small charging needs.

So if you are looking for a new powerbank for charging your mobile phone, laptop or tablet, then you are guaranteed to find a powerbank among Greylime's selection!


Test-winning powerbanks! Greylime Power Stone

Shortly after the establishment of Greylime (later the same year in fact) and in 2016, the brand's Power Stone powerbank series (10,400 mAh) has been named the market's best powerbanks in Denmark by both Ekstra Bladet and Politiken.

The Power Stone powerbank is also the powerbank that Greylime is best known for today, and the model remains the best-selling.

Greylime Power Stone is the range's most powerful powerbank (10,400 mAh), and when Power Stone is fully charged via the included micro USB cable, its power supply is sufficient for at least 4 full charges of a smartphone. Power Stone is therefore an all-time powerbank to take with you on the go when sockets are out of reach and you do not have a charging cable or a car charger on you.


Greylime favorites

In addition to Greylime Power Stone, which we have mentioned in the lines above, over the years there have also been several power bank favorites!


Greylime Power Tough

Greylime Power Tough powerbank series, which consists of two different powerbank models, resp. 2,600 mAh and 5,200 mAh, are among the favorites.

The hallmark of Greylime Power Tough is that these powerbanks have a convenient, small size so you can carry them anywhere! You can easily get Power Tough powerbanks in your pocket or in a clutch.

However, Greylime Power Tough are not the most powerful powerbanks, but they are absolutely perfect for anyone who just wants to have an emergency charger on, and which is enough for your mobile phone to be charged 1-2 times.

Power Tough is available in many cool colors.


Greylime Power Solar

Another Greylime powerbank that has managed to become one of consumers' favorite choices is the solar cell powerbank Greylime Power Solar.

The Power Solar model is a more powerful and solid model than Power Tough and with its 8,000 mAh can charge a mobile phone at least 3 times.

Greylime Power Solar differs from all the other Greylime powerbanks, as this powerbank is charged via solar energy, after which it can supply various mobile devices with power.

Furthermore, Power Solar is a robust solar charger, which is designed to last. It is also water-repellent, dust-repellent and shock-proof, which is why it is ideal for the active, adventurous, outdoor type or the carpenter and craftsman.

The Power Solar powerbank is available in 4 different colors.

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More about powerbanks

If you are interested in knowing much more about powerbanks in general, click on the link above and we will send you directly to our detailed powerbank guide: How does a powerbank work? 

In the guide you can read about how powerbanks work (which seems obvious from the guide’s title), but you can also get answers to questions such as how to charge a powerbank, how much can a powerbank charge, which powerbank is best and much more!

If you are not currently familiar with powerbanks, and you usually just charge your smartphone, tablet or laptop via the standard charger cables and power sockets, then we strongly recommend that you spend a few minutes reading the guide How does a powerbank work? through.

After this, you will certainly develop a good understanding of a powerbank's functionality and potential, so that you can make the right choice when you are about to put your new powerbank in the basket.


Do you have questions?

If you have questions about Greylime powerbanks or powerbanks in general, remember that you are more than welcome to write to our Customer Service at, where a friendly employee will answer any question you may have concerning powerbanks.

You are of course also welcome to inquire about any of our (many) other products in the shop.

We look forward to be having you as our customer!


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