Magnet toys

Magnet toys are hitting like never before among children of all ages and on a closer look at the crystal ball, we also dare to predict that magnetic toys are here to stay!

On this page, we have gathered our popular selection of magnetic toys, so you can easily get an overview of our biggest toy hit. We currently offer Magsmarts building magnets, MierEdu magnetic books and our Magnetic tiles.


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Magnet toys - children's favorites at Pixojet

At Pixojet, we have over time learned that if there is one 'type' of toy that our customers love to pamper their children with, and that children love, so that is magnetic toy!

And what's not to like? With magnetic toys, parents are not left with a big clean-up job after playing (as is often the case with other creative toys such as modeling wax), and the children have their imagination stimulated as well as the creative sense (for selected magnetic toys), and also the side of the brain responsible for logical and mathematical thinking - pure win-win!

At you are currently offered the following magnetic toys:



Magnetic sphere 

If you want to know more about the above selection of magnetic toys, and how your child can benefit from it, read below, where you will find a description of Magsmarters, MierEdu and our magnetic sphere.


For children over the age of 14, we also offer the worldwide Neocube mini magnet balls. You can read much more about the coveted Neocubes’ here.



If you are looking for toys that have a strengthening and stimulating effect on children's imagination and intelligence, then Pixojets’ Magsmarters is just right!

Magsmarters is a magnet construction set consisting of x-number of colorful, and geometric shapes with an encapsulated magnet in the middle of the shapes, and which forms the framework for the magnetic construction play, so that children do not come into physical contact with the magnets.

Magsmarters is the ultimate, magnetic construction toy, with which children get endless hours of entertainment, and with which the family can also create memorable and creative moments together. Even adults find the play with the colorful, magnetic and geometric shapes interesting.

The Magsmarters magnets can be assembled in a myriad of ways, which means that children expand their geometric and mathematical understanding and as the game progresses, they become more familiar and experienced with the toy. The constructions can always be changed, and thus children's creativity will be constantly challenged.

The number of magnetic shapes in our Magsmarter toys depends on which package you buy.

Our affordable Magsmarters starter set consists of 30 parts. This is extremely popular among 'beginners', but we also offer larger kits to the delight of the 'seasoned' Magsmarters fans.

Below is a list of all of our Magsmarters sets:

Magsmarters starter set with 30 parts 

Magsmarters set with 51 parts

Magsmarters with led light 58 parts

Magsmarters set with 74 parts

With the above magnetic toys, your child can enjoy countless hours of creative play, where they, among other things, can get the opportunity to build the Ferris wheel, cars, simple squares and balls.


Magsmarters offer - Buy more, pay less

In addition to the Magsmarters sets listed above, you at also have the option of ordering various Magsmarters bundles; ideal for kids who just can't get enough of the entertaining magnets!

Magsmarters 2 x 30 pcs

Magsmarters 2 x 51 parts

Magsmarters 51 parts + Magsmarters 30 parts

More about Magsmarters


CE marked

When you order Magsmarters at, you can let children play with the magnetic toys with peace of mind. All Pixojets’ Magsmarters sets are CE approved by our manufacturer; i.e. that our Magsmarters meet a number of requirements for health, safety and the environment, which is why children can safely play with these magnets.


Magsmarters vs Magformers

At we sell the extremely popular magnet construction kits under the brand name Magsmarters.

Magsmarters is confusingly reminiscent of Magformers toys, but it's important for us to point out that these are two different toy brands.

Magsmarters is an affordable variant of the magnetic toy (a Magformers copy if you will), and matches features, quality and material like Magformers.

Magsmarters can also be used with Magformers, as the various magnetic shapes are also designed in the same size as is the case with the elements in Magformers kit.



MierEdu is also a variant of magnetic toys, which can be purchased at, and which has been created with a focus on children's development but also on sustainability.

MierEdu is an Australian toy brand that can take the credit for having created a lot of fantastic magnetic toys, including the popular magnetic books for affordable prices, which you will find on

The brand's mission is to create the so-called educational toys, which are intended to stimulate children's minds creatively as well as to encourage active learning through play. Experience shows that children's learning ability is improved through play, and MierEdu takes part in the early development of childhood and support in the first 5 years of children's lifetime.

MierEdu magnetic books are packed with vibrant colors and a beautiful design, which is much loved by children.

All MierEdu products are made of soy-based inks and recycled materials, which aim to give children the best possible future and already in their early years make them good stewards of the environment.

The following MierEdu magnetic books are currently available on

Magnet book by mierEdu - Animal World

Magnet book by mierEdu - Cars

Magnet book by mierEdu - Shapes

Magnet book by mierEdu - Dress-me-up 

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