Buy Magsmarters at Pixojet. Magsmarters is for those of you who are looking for construction toys to strengthen and stimulate your child's imagination and intelligence.

Magsmarters are magnets for children that ensure hours of entertainment, and this magnet toy can simultaneously create great and creative moments for you as a family, and even adults will find the colorful, magnetic and geometric shapes interesting.

Note: This magnetic toy is reminiscent of Magformers and can be used with Magformers kit.

Check out our Magsmarters selection below: 

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Magnet construction set - Super entertaining and educational toy

Magsmarters are educational and exciting magnets kids love!

These are magnetic toys that your child can put together in all sorts of ways. These magnets for children make it easier to get geometric and mathematical understanding, and they are a good alternative to different construction toy concepts, where the child can change the construction and thus constantly challenge his creativity.

Pixojets’ Magsmarters is a colorful magnet construction set consisting of various geometric shapes.

The magnetic part of the individual toy magnetize, which otherwise enables the construction play, is encapsulated in the middle of the molds, so that the children do not come into physical contact with the magnets.

The number of magnetic shapes in our Magsmarter toys depends on which package you buy. Customers whose children have not previously played with Magsmarters are usually inclined to order our extremely affordable Magsmarters starter set consisting of 30 parts. However, we offer a lot of other larger packages, which are also picked daily from the shelves and shipped to a myriad of excited customers.


Below is a list of all our Magsmarters sets:

Magsmarters starter set with 30 parts 

Magsmarters set with 51 parts

Magsmarters with led light, 58 parts

Magsmarters set with 74 parts

With these magnetic toys, your child can have endless creative hours where they can have the opportunity to build e.g. the Ferris wheel, cars or simple squares and balls etc.


Magsmarters offers - Buy more, pay less

Not only are the above-listed Magsmarters sets currently on sale, we have also made various Magsmarter packages where there is even more money to be saved; ideal for kids who just can't get enough of the fun Pixojet magnets!


The co-packages are as follows:

Magsmarters 2 x 30 pcs

Magsmarters 2 x 51 parts

Magsmarters 51 parts + Magsmarters 30 parts

More about Magsmarters


CE marked

Magsmarters purchased on are CE marked by our manufacturer. In other words this magnet toy meets a number of requirements for health, safety and the environment, which is why children can safely play with these magnets, and you as a parent can watch or participate in the entertaining with peace of mind.

Magsmarters vs Magformers

At we sell the extremely popular magnet construction kits under the brand name Magsmarters.

Magsmarters is confusingly reminiscent of Magformers toys, but it's important for us to point out that these are two different toy brands.

Magsmarters is an affordable variant of the magnetic toy (a Magformers copy if you will), and matches features, quality and material like Magformers.

Magsmarters can also be used with Magformers, as the various magnetic shapes are also designed in the same size as is the case with the elements in Magformers kit.

Magsmarters - an intelligent magnetic construction toy for the development of children's brains


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