mierEdu is a well-known Australian brand whose mission is to create educational toys with a focus on children's development, as well as sustainability.


Toys stimulate the child's mind and creativity and encourage active learning through play. Children absorb easier knowledge through their play and the type of toys that are provided to the child can play an important role in cultivating the child's learning potential. The toys focus on providing early learning experiences with proven value for early childhood development and supporting the child in the first five formative years.


The design is designed to open up the imagination with vibrant colors and an aesthetic design loved by children, in addition, the products are designed for sustainability in mind. The goal is to give the children the best possible future, and that includes being good stewards of the environment. The products are made from soy-based inks and recycled materials. The use of packaging is reduced to minimum and recyclable, and whenever possible, integrated into the toy as a functional component.




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