Terms of trade


  • We give you 120 days right of return.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Secure payment method - we accept Dankort, eDankort, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron and JCB.


Purchasing - a step by step guide

  1. Find the product, you wish to buy.
  2. Put the product into the shopping basket by clicking "purchase".
  3. Return to find more products or click "Go to shopping basket".
  4. If you want to remove items from the shopping basket or correct the number of products, you can use the delete button or empty basket entirely by clicking "Empty basket". Click "Update basket" after making corrections in the shopping basket.
  5. Go to checkout by clicking "Go to checkout".
  6. Under checkout, you sign up as a new customer or choose your current user profile.
  7. You can choose for your information not to be saved for future use, and you can also choose another delivery address for your particular items. Click "Approve".
  8. Verify or edit your delivery address. Click on "Approve".
  9. Choose mode of delivery. Click on "Approve".
  10. Choose payment method. Conform that you agree with our trade terms. Click "Approve".
  11. You will receive a receipt by e-mail a few minutes after placing the order, or by taking a screenshot of the page. This means, that you have placed the order.
  12. You will receive a notification by e-mail, when your order has been expedited.

1. Making a purchase at Pixojet
The buy is valid the moment the customer receives a receipt from Pixojet. The sale is subject to errors in price, force majeure etc, currency changes, war, terror, natural disasters, failure of delivery, changes in import fees, sold out items and printing errors.
The sale is subject to sold out products and delayed delivery caused by Pixojets retailers.

2. Prices
All prices are before VAT (Value Added Tax) of 25%, where nothing else is mentioned. The danish prices are only applicable within Danish borders.

3. Delivery
Delivery estimate at 4,53 € for orders under 40 € including VAT.
In case of discounts, the delivery is set by the price minus the discount plus VAT.

4. Sales prices at the time of order placement
The price valid at the time, the customer places the order, is the purchase price of the product.  Products, that the customer pick up from our place of business, are sold at per the invoice at the time of purchase, and the salesprice will not be marked up or down according to later fluctuations in salesprices.

5. Shipment
All products are shipped by GLS Danmark and usually shipping is done within 1-2 workdays from our warehouse. All orders given before 13:30 - 1:30pm - monday to thursday and before 12:00 - noon - are shipped on the same day, if we have the product on stock.

6. Cancellation
If you wish to cancel an order, you can do so by phoning or e-mailing Pixojet. When doing so, please have your invoice number ready for us. If you have received an invoice per e-mail, this can be returned with the text "Cancellation" written in the subject heading. Cancellation of orders must be done before 13:00 hours / 1pm on the same day as the order has been placed. 

7. Payment
Pixojet accepts payment by Dankort, eDankort, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron and JCB. Payment will be debited from your account, when we ship your order. All your card-info is encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This means that nobody can read your card number or other information during the transaction with PBS.

8. Right of return
Pixojet offers you full right of return.
The product must be returned in original packaging, unused and undamaged.
The right of return is within 120 days after our customer receives the order.
Returned products must come with the original invoice and must be delivered at the customers own cost.
Products returned without delivery paid by the customer will be denied by Pixojet.
In case of product return, the customer will be reimbursed within 120 days, the reimbursement to be deposited in their bank account.
In case the customer wishes to trade to another product, the procedure is the same: return the product with original invoice and a note saying which product you wish in return.

9. Warranty
As a consumer, you have a 2 year warranty, which means that you are entitled to having your product repaired, exchanged, refunded or partially refunded depending on the specific situation.
This depends of course on whether the warranty is applicable in the specific situation.
No warranty is given on defects occurring AFTER the product has been taken into use.
Damages to the product caused by wrong handling, modification or misuse by the customer is not covered by the warranty. This includes charging with the wrong transformer or applying the wrong voltage to any relevant component.
Pixoje can not be held liable for indirect damages caused by products sold by Pixojet, unless so covered by Danish law.
We further refer you to the Danish Sale of Goods Act for what the warranty covers as per the law.

10. Using the warranty
Defects must be reported to Pixojet within a reasonable time after receiving the product.
We ask the customer to give a statement about the defects of the product, as not doing so can have implications on the time it will take to remedy the defect by our callcenter.
The customer can use the warranty by sending the product with defects to our address.
If the customer does not wish for Pixojet to help remedy the defect, the defective product must be disconnected and sent separately and it must be noted in a letter, that the customer does not wish for us to remedy the problem.
If the customer has received the wrong product, the customer must notify Pixojet of this within 2 weeks of receiving the product.

Pixojet is not liable for indirect damages caused by products sold by Pixojet.
Products not covered by the provisions of the warranty and/or received without proper packaging, will be properly re-packaged at the customers expense.
Products returned cash on delivery or sent without proper postage will not be received by Pixojet.

11. Returned products with no documented defects
When a customer returns a wrong or defective product to Pixojet, where the fault or defect is defined by the customer, the product will be resent to the customer including a test-fee of 200 danish kroner per half hour spent on this product. where the defect is non-existing or non-valid.
The test-fee is determined by time spent testing and looking for faults in the product.  
Pixojet will demand for this fee and for delivery to be paid cash on delivery, if there is no other mutual agreement about this.
If accessories are sent with the product, the number and product description must be included. If accessories are not duly noted and included with the product, Pixojet is not liable for possible loss of these accessories.
Products must be returned with a copy of the invoice, stating the time of the order of the product in question, or the product will be stored until a copy of the invoice and statement about the product defects can be produced by the customer.
Products not deemed faulty under the warranty, received without proper packaging, will be re-packaged and the customer will receive a bill for the expenses deemed necessary to cover necessary and proper re-packaging.

12. Proper return of products
All products returned to Pixojet must be properly packaged and wrapped for shipment.
Damages caused by faulty wrapping can lead to loss of customer rights.
Pixojet recommends that the customer ships the product via the postoffice, thus making it easy to track the products whereabouts. This means that the customer has a possibility of finding the product, if delivery has not taken place. Returning the product can also be done by refusing to receive the product or by the customer returning the product in person.

13. Special rules for corporate customers
Same conditions and rules of trade as for normal customers apply, but with the following modification.
We offer corporate customers 1 year warranty from the original date of invoice. Replacing the product or repairing the product does not lead to a new 1 year warranty.
Pixojet reserves the title of any products purchased on credit, untill the buyer has paid the invoice price in full.
1. All costs involved in reserving the title will be at the expense of the buyer.
2. Interest will be 2% for every month started after the due date. 

14. Personal information
No personal information registered at Pixojet will at any time be handed over, sold or made available to a third party. All information is kept safe and is only available to entrusted Pixojet employees.
Electronic payment is done using a secure encrypted method in our shop system.
Our online shop system uses socalled cookies to keep track of the content of your shopping basket. A cookie is a file saved to your own computer. It is also possible to ask the shop system to save your address information for your next visit. If you want to delete your address information, this is done using the browser settings, where you can clear your cache and browser history.
When you place an order, you are asked to create an account and give us information about your name, address, phone number and e-mail address. This information is solely used for the purpose of filling and shipping the order. You can always ask for your details to be deleted, if you so wish.  
You can choose to be put on our mailing list, so that you can receive news, bargain offers and other information from Pixojet. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to this service as you see fit.  

15. Cookies
Besides the information that you yourself give in filling out your order, subscribing to our newsletter or other services, the webpage also used cookies. Cookies are digital parcels of information, which the webpage leave on your harddrive. This cookie does not identify the specific user but the equipment used by the user, such as computer, smartphone etc. A cookie is not a program and contains no viruses.
Cookies are applied to help you use the website, such as when you use your shopping basking or subscribe to our services - the system remembers your e-mail address, when you want to change your subscription. The use of cookies does not affect your internet security when you click your way through our website.
The Pixojet website uses cookies that usually disappear, when you close down your browser (socalled session cookies).
The following cookies are used on our website:
Google Analytics cookie (anonymous statistic of clicks on the website)
Tradedoubler cookie (used for measuring marketing results)
Ad-cookies (other purposes, such as marketing the company and measuring the result) 
Cookies are saved for a maximum of 360 days, where after they are automatically deleted.
If you don´t want Pixojet to identify your computer, smartphone etc by the use of cookies, you can disable the use of cookies in your browser. However, this will make it impossible to place an order and severely diminish your use of the internet. Each time you visit our webpage - cookies or no cookies - the webpage registers the user type of browser, OS (operating system), the host and webaddresses on the pages, you want access to. This data is used in a collective anonymous chart used for statistic analysis of the general use of the website.
Concerning Ad Servers
The website joins into partnerships or agreements with advertisement agencies, where clicking on special ads will place a cookie in the users browser history, registering the use of the ad.

You can always delete cookies on your computer. This is done, no matter what browser you are using, by clicking on browser history. In browser history, you can choose to delete all cookies. If you delete cookies in your browser history, be adviced that you also delete any products in your shopping basket, all your data information and passwords for online mail-programs etc.


When you shop with us, you are covered by the PriceRunner Buyer Protection. This means that your purchase is protected up to £ 5,000 if something goes wrong in connection with your purchase. The Buyer Protection scheme costs nothing and applies to all registered PriceRunner members.

The Buyer Protection protects events where retailers do not assume their statutory liability and resolve problems within 60 days. It only protects consumers resident in United Kingdom.

If you are not already a PriceRunner member but visited us via their site, you can, within 60 minutes of your purchase, complete your registration. It is free of charge and takes less than three minutes – and then your purchase will be protected! PriceRunner member for free

In order for the Buyer Protection to apply, the order must be addressed to you as a private person. You are entitled to compensation if things go wrong; for example, the product is damaged, an individual product is missing on delivery, the product is faulty or the goods are not delivered.

Compensation is only payable for purchase costs, shipping costs and any direct financial damage you have suffered as a customer. No compensation is paid for any other direct or indirect costs, depreciation or loss of revenue.

Visit PriceRunner to view the complete terms and conditions as well as a list of exempt categories.

Yes please, take me to PriceRunner for free registration!

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