Power Banks

Super trendy powerbanks - an absolute necessity for smartphone and tablet

Our super trendy powerbank is one of the best in the field of long lasting battery chargers for smartphone and tablet. Besides the unique battery specifications, the trendy powerbank can also be used for all smartphones on the market today, and as a charger for PSP and iPad. The trendy new slim design lifts this product to new heights and the powerbank  fits your purse or handbag nicely.

With this cool charger, you can always charge your iPhone, smartphone, iPad and more on the go - whether you´re at a day-long concert or on holiday - you are no longer depending on a power outlet. This trendy gadget fits perfectly in your pocket or purse and you never need run out of power again. The pocket charger is fully charged at home using your power outlet, after which you bring it with you. Then, when your smartphone, tablet or other unit runs out of power, you just plug your unit into the charger, using the usb cable, that comes with the charger. The battery on your unit is now automatically charging off your powerbank.

The powerbank can be used for charging units such as iPhone, smartphone, iPod, Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia and HTC.



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